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Ampara, Eastern

This is the Ampara page list.

Region 2-Postcode

Region 2 City Postcode (ZIP)
Ampara Rajagalatenna 32068
Ampara Sainthamaruthu 32280
Ampara Namaloya 32037
Ampara Sammanthurai 32200
Ampara Navithanveli 32308
Ampara Serankada 32101
Ampara Nawamedagama 32120
Ampara Siripura 32155
Ampara Nintavur 32340
Ampara Siyambalawewa 32048
Ampara Oluwil 32360
Ampara Tempitiya 32072
Ampara Padiyatalawa 32100
Ampara Thambiluvil 32415
Ampara Pahalalanda 32034
Ampara Tirukkovil 32420
Ampara Palamunai 32354
Ampara Uhana 32060
Ampara Panama 32508
Ampara Wadinagala 32039

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